Do you collect?
Yes, we offer transportation within the greater Cape Town area, but we recommend smaller items be brought in personally.

Will you strip an old rocking chair?
Yes, we strip and restore all solid wood furniture.

Do you repair water-stained furniture?
Yes, it is possible to reduce the visible effects of a water stain. Our ability to remove water stains depends on how deeply the stain has penetrated the wood, and whether any permanent damage has been done. Even so, a change of colour may hide the ugly bits.

Does the wood get damaged?
No, our dip-tank stripping is not harmful to the wood.

How much will it cost?
We are able to quote a pretty accurate cost for stripping over the telephone. However, in order to get the best idea of price for restoration, we prefer to quote for this after the stripping has been completed. In consultation with our clients we then discuss the details of the restoration process.

What types of wood do you restore?
Virtually all wood pieces can be transformed with our fast, safe and cost-effective dip-tank coat softening method, which delivers the finest quality of wood-stripping imaginable.

Woods we have worked with include:
• Cane and wicker items
• Wooden garden furniture
• SA pine furniture
• Items made of block-board and even chipboard
• Wood carvings
• Musical instruments
• Clock housings
• Mirror and picture frames
• Doors
• Windows and shutters
• Tables and chairs
• Heirlooms and souvenirs

Are you interested in buying your old doors and windows?
Yes, we are.

Contact STRIPPERS on 0217976987, email, or visit 18 Plantation Road, Wetton, Cape Town