Our Showroom is a place for the meeting of creative and technical minds. With ample examples of past and current work done by Strippers, your requirements will be stimulated and refined into quality solutions. These “ready for installation” windows and doors are all expertly restored and available for viewing in our showroom at Wetton, Cape Town or on our stock page.

Strippers Showroom, fine antique doors and windows. Salvaged, repaired,and restored.


In the Western Cape we are quite used to a culture of preserving old style houses, maintaining them in their original beauty, whether these are former labourers’ cottages or stately homes and buildings of Cape Dutch, Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian period style architecture, or for that matter, newly constructed homes with architectural features recovered, restored or replicated from that era. Our company now has 20 years of involvement with such architectural restoration , replacements, and replicas from recycled timber for house renovations, additions or alterations, custom made reproductions or new designs, and careful replacements of unrecoverable pieces, either with items recovered from demolitions or replacements with acceptable alternatives in the same vernacular. We have in the process build up a stock of vintage framed front doors, interior 3-panel and 4-panel doors, stable doors, happy doors, French doors, double doors, in Oregon and teak.
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Buy top quality old antique restored wooden doors and windows.

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